Posto Chicken Recipe

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Posto Chicken Recipe

This dish is always a hit. Ingredients are simple but the taste is exceptionally good. It is my mom's signature item. Can be served with fried rice or pulao. Chapatti or naan also goes well with it. It is a fool-proof dish. Try it and you won't be disappointed.

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 35 mins
Total Serving : 6
Ingredients For Posto Chicken Recipe :
  • Chicken :     1 kg
  • Salt :     to taste
  • onions :     8 medium
  • green chilies :     6
  • tomatoes :     6-7 small
  • posto :     1/4th cup
  • water :     1/2 cup
  • oil :     4 tablespoon
  • boro elaanch (brown cardamom) :     2

Preparation Method for Posto Chicken Recipe :

  • Take the chicken and cut into medium size pieces. Wash well.
  • Mix salt and set aside.
  • Slice onions into very small and thin pieces. Slit green chiliesand dice about 6 to 7 tomatoes into small pieces.
  • Make a paste of 1/4th cup of posto with ½ cup of water and some green chilies and salt.The paste should be of thick consistency.
  • Heat oil in kadai. Put the onions slices and cook them on low heat.
  • Add tomatoes after onions are bown in colour.
  • Keep cooking on low flame with a cover on.
  • Add the chicken pieces to it and keep cooking on low.
  • Add salt after some time. Add 2 slit brown cardamoms and some green chilies.
  • Mix the chicken thoroughly and when oil comes out, add posto about 3-4 tablespoon of the paste is enough.
  • If it's very dry add some water(1/4 th cup).
  • Take off heat and serve hot.

Tip : Don't break the brown cardamom completely. If you don't like brown cardamom, you can take out most of the seeds and put the shell in as it does add a lot of flavor.