Club Sandwich Recipe

Club Sandwich Recipe

Preparation Time : 20 min
Cooking Time : 10 min.
Total Serving : 3
Ingredients For Club Sandwich Recipe :
  • Meat :    
  • Cheese :    
  • Dressing :    

Preparation Method for Club Sandwich Recipe :

Use your favorite meat, cheese, and dressings to make this super sandwich.


For each sandwich, lightly toast and butter 4 large slices of your favorite firm bakery white bread. On the bottom slice spread a thin layer of dressing and add a slice of ham and a slice of Swiss or American cheese. Add second slice of toast and spread with a little more mayonnaise; top with lettuce and tomato slices, then crisp cooked bacon. Add a third slice of toast with a little more mayonnaise and top with sliced turkey, dill pickle slices, and lettuce. Top off with a fourth slice of toast. Place an olive on the top and stick a decorative toothpick through olive into the sandwich, if desired.

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