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Description :

Anardana is the dried seeds of varieties of pomegranate, which is too sour to eat as fresh fruit. It has got a tangy and fruity flavor that can beautifully flavour Mogul style meat dishes apart from vegetables and legumes. Anardana is mostly used as a condiment for acidification of chutneys and certain curries, as in case of tamarind or Amchur. The best anardana is yielded from the wild pomegranate called daru that grows in the southern Himalayas. In the Middle East anardana is used for salads and marinades, in Iran it goes into fesenjan, i.e. chicken in walnut-pomegranate sauce; while in Armenia and Georgia, it’s used for making sauces for kebabs.

Anardana is also used for its medicinal value as a cure of indigestion and stomach-ache.